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Backup & Restore SMS, Call History, Contact, And TrueCaller Using Android App

E2PDF is one of the best backup apps for Android is the SMS, MMS and contact system settings backup and restore app that allows this. This app has been around for a long time as a backup service for many Android phones and tablets and over the years it has remained a good backup app throughout the year. It allows you to back up all your contacts, messages, contacts and contacts in the contact system as well as all contacts on your phone.

Users can backup call logs and restore call logs from the backup, as well as access all contacts in the contact system settings. Users can perform call log backup and restore calls logged in backups, such as the phone number, number of calls and caller location.

E2PDF – SMS Backup and Restore can also be used to repeat automatic backups at any hour of the day or week. Users can back up call logs and restore call logs from the backup, such as the phone number, number of calls and caller location, as well as access all contacts in the contact system settings.

Users can make call logging backups and restore calls stored in backups, with access to all contact information and call location information.

Now let’s talk about this android application and what it is and how can you use this android application.

E2PDF – Backup Restore SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller

Call log Backup and Restore Android App
Call log Backup and Restore Android App

The first app you can use to back up and restore call logs on your Android phone is Call Log Recovery. This app allows you to back up and back up contacts, apps, call logs and bookmarks to Android devices for free.

Change the number, number of calls, and call location information in the backup, as needed, and access all contacts in your contact system settings

The SMS Backup and Restore app lets you transfer your SMS messages and call logs to a new Android device. With a single app, we can back up data and restore SMS to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox directly from our Google Drive. SMS backup, restore and backup SMS from Google Drive to your Android phone or from your phone to any of your other Android devices.

Call the Log Recovery app and transfer all call logs from Part 1, SMS, messages, calls and logs to your new Android device with this app.

This E2PDF SMS Backup and Restore is a free app that integrates with your email account, Google Drive and Dropbox to back up your SMS messages in XML format. Some may suggest that you save your messages as XML to be more precise, but that is not necessary for this app.

This is an all-in-one-of-one app that can backup and restore all your text messages, call logs, contacts and other important data. In addition to SMS backup, you can also back up your email account, Google Drive and Dropbox data. You can use it as a backup tool for your contacts, call logs and even your phone calls.

If you want to stay with the standard Android SMS app, you can rely on E2PDF SMS Backup Restore as it is again an excellent alternative to many backup and restore applications. To do this, set Easy Backup to your standard SMS / MMS app and restore it from there.

Users can back up all important conversations via their phone calls, contacts, call logs and other important data. They can also create backup files for their loved ones and contacts. SMS backup restore is a relevant backup app that allows you to create backups of your files and text messages, and these backups can be restored.

Some Important Features Of E2PDF Android Application

1. Take Backup Of any Important SMS and Contacts

The user can take a photo of home, family members, friends or relatives and create a PDF backup of them. You can create a backup as a pdf and restore it elsewhere.

All you have to do is select any conversation and with one click a backup is created and the generated backup file can be saved to your local drive or email. You can enter the name of the output file to: After saving the entire conversation as a PDF, it will appear on the screen. The generated backups can be saved, shared and stored in the cloud immediately.

2. Specific Contact & Call Log

The backup is done in an XML format that is also user-readable, such as a text or PDF file. Call – to – log – backup – restore allows a user to take a call to log a backup and restore it to other devices.

The PDF Backup function allows you to choose whether you want to back up all selected, received or missed calls or to make a backup to a PDF file. Select a contact, use what you need and get a backup of the phone number of your loved ones, such as family member, friend, work colleague, etc.

The Truecaller Specific Contact Backup feature allows users to receive a call or SMS backup for a specific contact. The True Caller feature is completely free and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone and Android devices.

3. Statistics Of Calls and Messages

Call statistics allow you to obtain statistics on the number of calls called, received, overlooked and rejected. SMS statistics are received by those who send and receive SMS messages on a daily basis and by those who have sent or received an SMS message within a certain period of time.

In addition, you will receive information about the duration of the call, the duration between calls and the time of your call.

If you are orphaned by an email address, you can now back up your contacts to store on your device, even if they are not directly linked to you.

Download and Use of E2PDF Android App

The E2PDF SMS Backup & Restore app asks you where to save your data, to start the backup, open the SMS Backup & Restore, click Backup, and then click Restore. Then select the account you are willing to use for the purpose of backup or restore your important SMS messages and then click on Backup option and manage your files on Google Drive.

To backup your text messages, select Text, SMS and MMS and click Backup, Restore, Import and Export. To restore different backup data, select Backup and select the last SMS data.

On the next screen, follow the steps to restore your SMS backup and select Backup. Select the latest SMS messages from your Google Drive account or from the SMS Backup & Restore app and select Restore on the next screen

Well, to download this E2PDF android application you have to click on the below given link.

E2PDF Download

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